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Why you should not share your alarm code in the workplace

It is generally not recommended to share your alarm code in the workplace for the following reasons:

  1. Security: Your alarm code is a security measure designed to protect the workplace and its assets from unauthorized access. Sharing your code with others, even if they are colleagues or coworkers, can compromise the security of the workplace and leave it vulnerable to theft, vandalism, or other security breaches.

  2. Accountability: By sharing your code, you are taking on the responsibility for any actions that occur while the alarm is disarmed. This can create a situation where it is difficult to determine who is accountable for any security incidents that occur, which can cause confusion and conflict.

  3. Trust: Sharing your alarm code can erode trust between you and your employer, as it suggests that you are not taking the security of the workplace seriously. It can also lead to mistrust among coworkers, as they may question why you are sharing your code with some people and not others.

Overall, it is best to keep your alarm code private and only share it with those who are authorized and responsible for maintaining the security of the workplace.

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